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EGG GLAZING spray: pasteurised egg to guarantee fast, shiny and precise egg
wash application on pastries such as croissants, brioches or braided breads

VEGETAL GLAZE spray: replaces all covering layer products such as gelatine or syrups. It significantly reduces cold dish oxidation without altering either taste or crispiness.

MICROWAVEABLE BEATEN EGG-WHITES: beaten egg-whites spray to make within seconds “traditional” poached egg-white portions and tartlet “toppings”.

NON-STICK spray: free of any synthetic products, alcohol-type composites, lecithin or silicon. Highly efficient, it avoids blackening of pastries and drastically reduces fat needs in cooking

ORGANIC LEMON JUICE under pressure: the only consumer-market lemon juice, free of preservatives and free of heat treatment. From first to last drop it keep all qualities and vitamins of squeezed fresh lemon. It can be stored at room temperature. Organic certification and following-up by “Qualité France” (Bureau Veritas)
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