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The concept of integrating an aerosol process into product formulation facilitates taking into account all consumer demands, providing him with quality, service, hygiene, food safety and preservation. The technology and packaging ensure preservation themselves, meaning that most products have no preservatives added, thus making them natural products. In addition, freely-measured dosage on demand (no shelf-life limitation “after first use”) avoids any waste.

  • To take, to convey and to fill food products with elevated bacteria sensibility into aerosol, without any chemical or thermal post treatment (as: egg wash spray)

  • To protect and preserve by aerosol products with a very low pH (as: pure lemon juice)

  • To obtain by aerosol whipped viscous products (as: Mascarpone “tiramisu” cream)

  • To fill oils for fine spray (as: sunflower oil for seasoning & no-stick cooking spray)

  • To produce vegetable gels (as: neutral glaze spray)

  • To muster compressed alimentary propellants, Ozone free.

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